Types of Mortgage Lenders

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Mortgage brokers Melbourne is vastly becoming one of the most popular professional services in Australia today. As more people look to get onto the property ladder it means more require the services of brokers. However, there are a lot of misconceptions around mortgages and brokers and the type of lenders out there also. So, what are the different types of mortgage lenders available to buyers today?

Choosing Banks or Credit Unions

Credit unions and banks are always happy to offer those eligible for a mortgage a loan. They can often get an impressive return on their investment and it really is a simple process. However, if you are going to choose a bank or credit union then you may benefit from using the services of a mortgage broker Melbourne. They can negotiate for better terms and rates and usually ensure the deal is completed smoothly.


Bankers are different from banks in a sense that it isn’t a bank that is offering you a mortgage. Mortgage bankers acquire the funds necessary for a mortgage by selling their previous mortgage loans within a different market. It can be a little confusing but they usually are able to offer good rates and different loans to suit most people also. Mortgage bankers are actually very impressive.

Correspondent Lenders

These lenders are really quite new and quite unheard of in many parts also; however they can be an alternative mortgage lender. The way in which these work is simple; the lenders decide whether or not a loan is given to buy a home and once the mortgage is approved the lender can then sell the loan to another lender. This is something which most finds a little risky however usually it is all above board but there are a lot of things you have to know before choosing correspondent lenders. A mortgage broker Melbourne can help you a great deal when you want to consider these types of lenders.

The Role of Mortgage Brokers Melbourne

The real aim or role of a mortgage broker is to help find an appropriate mortgage for each individual. Now, this is sometimes often mistaken for something else and it does result in most avoiding the brokers. However mortgage brokers Melbourne can be a fantastic idea for those who are struggling to find a suitable mortgage. It can be a lot easier to find a mortgage which works for them personally. They do have access to thousands more mortgages than most lenders because they have a variety of sources available to them.

Choosing the Mortgage Lenders Which Are Best For You

Every mortgage lender is considerably different even though their goals are often the same. However, while they each can offer you a loan to obtain your new home, their mortgage terms and the way they manage them can be different. This essentially means that while some lenders are great for you, others may not. That is why you have to understand how each lender works and which will offer you the right mortgage. You could use a mortgage broker Melbourne to help find a suitable lender and mortgage.

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